About Us

Education has ever been looked at Indian culture as a holistic effort since time immemorial. Indian culture is in the core attributes of education beginning from Gurukul type of education, where the disciples lived in the house of the Master who taught them what all things he knew for years together.And now, in IndiaEvery year more than 30 lakh graduates and post graduates are added to the workforce. The number of colleges is increasing year by year across the country in various streams. It has become a very challenging task for the students to find the reliable information about their courses, colleges, education, foreign education etc. Our Mission is to help the student community to achieve prosperity in all walks of their life As a first step.

Y.G.N. College are trying to bring the near real time data and we succeeded at certain level. It is a challenging task and we are trying our best to bring the quality information. We are sure that this will be very useful for the student community to enhance and enrich their education experience. As a second step, we are working with Industry experts to provide the study guidance to the students.Y.G.N. College is trying to make the student’s life easy by providing one stop solution for all their needs. Also we are offering variety of technological solutions for education industry to solve their challenging day to day problems.

Our Mission :

We are a dynamic relevant educational services company committed to quality, global career-focused learning led by industry professionals who want to make education & training relevant.

Our Vision :

Delivering Relevant Education For The Global Market.